Former Glee Star required to wear GPS Monitoring Bracelet in Child Pornography Case

scram-braceletMark Salling, of Glee fame, was arrested on child pornography charges in Los Angeles. A judge has ordered him to submit to drug tests and wear a GPS monitoring bracelet while he awaits trial. His passport was confiscated as a condition of his bail and he must stay at least 100 feet away from places where children might congregate according to TMZ. Salling played Puck on the hit TV show and was scheduled to appear in the upcoming miniseries Gods and Secrets. As a result of the charges, Salling was dropped from the show. Salling is scheduled to appear in court on July 12 for the charges.

GPS Monitoring in Los Angeles

A GPS Monitoring Bracelet, such as the one required by the US Magistrate handling Mark Salling’s Child Pornography case, can monitor a person’s every movement. The bracelet is tamperproof and designed to eliminate false alerts. Offenders cannot remove the device without immediate alert. The bracelet is waterproof and impact resistance providing prosecutors, judges and probation officers with the security of knowing the wearer is where they are suppose to be. To find out more about GPS Monitoring in Los Angeles contact Diversified Monitoring Systems at 714-245-9910.