a Form – Payment Fee Schedule

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Payment Fee Schedule

    At time of enrollment – case manager initial all that apply. Client initial next to case manager

    One Time Fees

    Enrollment fee $60.00 (one time fee – for all DMS programs incl. Patch)

    Installation fee $30.00 (one time fee)

    Monthly Fees

    SCRAM monitoring $450.00 monthly fee - $15.00 per day

    Ethernet additional 0.50/per day

    SCRAMx monitoring $600.00 monthly fee - $20.50 per day

    DUI Court with SCRAM $300.00 or $372.00 monthly fee – 10.00 per day

    Must show proof from Judge or PO

    GPS passive $450.00 or $465.00 monthly fee - $15.00 per day

    GPS active $600.00 or $620.00 monthly fee - $20.00 per day

    Drug Patch $60.00 per patch applied

    Credit card fee $2.00 fee whenever a credit card is used

    Penalty Fees

    Late fee $25.00 applied each time you miss your monthly payment

    Missed Appointments $25.00 applied each time you miss a schedule appointment

    (This includes broken payment arrangements)

    Equipment Fees

    SCRAM Bracelet $1500.00 lost or damaged bracelet

    SCRAM modem $ 700.00 lost or damaged modem

    Cut bracelet strap $150.00 unauthorized bracelet strap cut

    Removed Bracelet $75.00 unauthorized removal of bracelet

    (Broken tamper clip)

    BluTag GPS $1500.00 lost or damaged

    BluTag charger $100.00 lost or damaged

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