Fatal DUI Suspect required to wear SCRAM Bracelet

According to authorities, Kenneth K. Malanowski, 41, was drinking and driving when he was involved in a crash that killed 26-year-old Stephanie Dokken.  Malanowski was released on bond with the condition that he wear the SCRAM bracelet.  The bracelet will monitor any alcohol consumption, testing the participant every 30 minutes.  Malanowski is required to wear the bracelet while he is awaiting trial.  It was the first time that Assistant Lake County State’s Attorney requested that a defendant be placed on an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Malanowski pleaded not guilty to aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death, reckless homicide and failure to report an accident resulting in death.  He posted $200,000 bail.  The incident occurred on November 26 when the suspect allegedly rear-ended Dokken’s vehicle causing it to hit trees.  The defendant ran from the scene before a K-9 unit found him.  His trial date is set for June 4.