Embattled New York Judge must continue to wear ankle bracelet

The legal troubles are still looming for Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio.  Earlier this month Judge William Kocher denied a motion to end her probation.  The Judge found that Astacio violated the terms of her conditional release which included alcohol monitoring through a SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device.  The judge found that Astacio would remain on probation and would be required to continue monitoring with the SCRAM ankle bracelet.  The only modification to her probation was the requirement that she pay for the device out-of-pocket.

Trouble for the New York judge began shortly after she took the bench in 2015.  Concerns arose over irregular absences at work and culminated with a drunk driving arrest.  That arrest is being investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  She was subsequently arrested for violating the terms of her probation.  As a term of her release, Astacio was required to wear an alcohol monitoring device known as a SCRAM bracelet.  There were a number of allegations that she failed to maintain her SCRAM device and consumed alcohol during the monitoring period.  Prosecutors allege that she failed to get permission to leave the county on multiple occasions.  Her sentence was extended after she attempted to drive after consuming alcohol.