Cascade County looks to Ankle Monitoring Devices to Alleviate Jail Overcrowding

The Cascade County Detention Center, like many jails across the nation, is dealing with significant overcrowding.  Last month, Sheriff Bob Edwards, issued a memo stating that the detention center currently housed 169 more inmates than it was designed to hold.  The jail would therefore be unable to accept any people arrested for non-violent misdemeanors.  To alleviate the overcrowding, Cascade County is looking into other options to monitor defendants including GPS tracking monitors, alcohol monitors and collaborative programs such as the 24/7 sobriety program.

Law enforcement is in a difficult position having to balance the safety of the detention center officers which is put at great risk with significant overcrowding and the safety of the public at large when people are released pretrial.  The detention center is not releasing people they feel may present a risk to the community, but they are not able to accept non-violent misdemeanor warrants and those arrested for non-violent misdemeanors.  The County hopes that the ability to monitor defendants pretrial with ankle GPS monitors and continuous alcohol monitors will significantly reduce the overcrowding and keep the community-at-large safe.