Cardinals General Manager Required to Wear House Arrest Bracelet

Steve Keim, General Manager for the Arizona Cardinals, has been ordered to wear a House Arrest Ankle Monitor after being released from custody.  Keim turned himself in to police to serve a 48-hour jail sentence after pleading guilty to driving under the influence in Chandler, Arizona.  The GM was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence on July 4, 2018.  As a result of his plea, he served 48 hours in the Lower Buckeye Jail and will be required to submit to House Arrest for seven days.  He is also required to install an ignition interlock device on his vehicle for one year.  The ignition interlock will prevent the car from starting if alcohol is detected in his breath.  The Arizona Cardinals suspended their GM after his arrest and plea, suspending him five weeks and fining him $200,000 which will be donated to the MADD organization.

House arrest ankle monitors and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitors are routinely used post-conviction.  Judges can order monitoring of defendants as an alternative to serving jail or in conjunction with jail time.  House arrest monitors require that participants return to their residence between certain hours.  The monitor reports back to the home base that the participant is in the residence.  Failure to comply with court orders can result in additional jail time, fines and a violation of probation.