Earn $$$ Through our Affiliate Network

Orange County Only!!!

If your client needs GPS in another county we can provide service but if we are required to travel there will be additional travel fees.

Fee Structure:

Client Pays $10/day…. you make $2/day
Client Pays $12/day…. you make $3/day
Client Pays $15/day…. you make $4/day

$90/Enrollment Fee…. you make $45

  • Real Time Reports of Your Clients Whereabouts
  • 24 Hour Login to Monitor Your Clients & Establish Patterns
  • Immediate Tamper and Removal Attempt Notification

Referral Program

Let us know what your client will pay and we will handle the rest. Use the form below so we can track your client and establish your affiliate payments.

Affiliate Program

You will receive monthly checks for clients referred to us. Please complete the information below so we know where to send your $$.

DMS only provides pre-sentenced Home Confinement. We DO NOT service court ordered sentenced home confinement cases.

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