White House Fence Jumper Required to Wear GPS Monitor

Jonathan Tran has been ordered to wear a GPS monitor and remain within 100 miles of his San Jose area.  He has been released on his own recognizance by a federal district judge after allegedly jumping the White House fence.  He must remain in the country and only travel to Washington for court appearances.  He is not allowed near the White House in accordance with his release.  The judge also required him to undergo a mental health evaluation and cannot possess any weapons.  He is being fitted with the GPS Tracking Device through the San Jose pre-trial services department who will monitor his activities.  He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing April 13 in Washington.

GPS Monitors such as those offered through Diversified Monitoring Systems offer assurance to prosecutors and judges that participants are abiding by court orders.  The ankle bracelet is waterproof with over 40 hours of battery life.  It allows for 2-way Client Communication with almost no “false alerts.”  The device can generate daily reports for high-risk offenders.  The device is also temperature resistant, designed to work even under extreme temperatures.  The reports allow for a street level map view that can be customized.