Australia’s Electronic Monitoring Program

How SCRAM CAM Bracelets are Helping Reduce Reoffenders

The use of electronic monitoring devices in Australia is nothing new.  The increase of alcohol-related crimes has prompted Australian officials to crack down on the sentencing.  Reducing recidivism is one of the primary motivations behind using integrated electronic monitoring technology.  Devices like the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets monitor participants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The device is tamper-resistant alerting law enforcement of any attempts to disable or remove the bracelet.

Electronic monitoring is used in Australia pre-conviction as a condition of bail, post-conviction as a condition of parole or as a requirement of sentencing.  An additional benefit of electronic monitoring in Australia and across the country is the reduction in the prison populations.  A study published by the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne suggests that “criminal justice costs are reduced by around $30,000 for each eligible offender.”

Electronic monitoring is now used across the world.  Jurisdictions like those found throughout Australia use it to monitor defendants throughout the criminal process.  Many have found that the device helps to reduce those convicted of alcohol related crimes from reoffending.  Electronic monitoring of defendants has allowed many people to stay out of jail and remain contributing members of society.  Many find that the combination of constant monitoring with quick action for failure to comply is the most impactful way to prevent recidivism.