Australia joins fight against Alcohol Related Crimes with SCRAM Requirement

oz-flagThe Correctional Services Minister for the Northern Territory in Australia announced a rollout of a new program that would require certain offenders to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) ankle bracelet. The Northern Territory has allocated $4.2 million to the project focusing on those offenders with severe alcohol problems. The SCRAM bracelet detects a person’s blood alcohol concentration every 30 seconds allowing authorities an in-depth look at whether a person is using any alcohol, reinforcing the concept of “sober days.” The Northern Territory isn’t the first Australian community to adopt the technology. Victoria had previously integrated the bracelet for offenders. The Minister believes that expanding the use of these alcohol monitor devices will be cheaper than keeping a person in jail on these alcohol-related offenses.

Why SCRAM CAM works

Diversified Monitoring Systems has proudly been offering SCRAM services since 2002 and was California’s original SCRAM provider. Alcohol Monitoring through electronic ankle bracelets has proven effective. Over 1600 courts and jurisdictions now use the SCRAM CAM technology. Monitoring alcohol consumption is easier than ever and cost effective. To find out more about alcohol or drug monitoring visit DMS Program today or call us at 714-245-9910.