Are There More Drunk Drivers On the Road During Holidays?

Drinking and Driving Trends During the Holidays


Are the roads more dangerous during the holidays? Which holidays have more drunk drivers? Are there more alcohol-related accidents? Many people wonder whether there is an increase in drunk driving accidents during certain periods of the year like over holiday weekends. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought we’d take a look at some of the trends and whether there is any truth to the idea.

Are Holidays More Dangerous on the Roads?

An article published by ValuePenguin sought to answer the question “Which Holiday Weekends are Most Dangerous for Drivers?” While there is some anecdotal evidence that there are more accidents during the holidays, there is actual science to it too. 

As discovered by ValuePenguin, during a normal 3 days there is an average of 250 fatal accidents, but during almost every other holiday from 2011 to 2015 there were more. On average during those years there were 312 fatal accidents over the Memorial Day weekend, followed closely by 308 during the Labor Day holiday period.

Surprisingly, there were slightly fewer fatal accidents during New Year’s and Christmas, as compared with the normal 3 days. However, it is clear that the holidays present additional dangers to drivers and passengers across the country.

Which Holiday Has the Most Fatal Accidents?

Taken as a single day, July 4th is the single most deadly holiday with the highest number of fatal car accidents. Once you consider a 3-day holiday period, Memorial Day Weekend topped the charts. 

Are There More Drunk Drivers on the Road During Holidays?

According to the insurance company’s research, a large portion of the accidents that occur over holiday weekends involve a drunk driver. Memorial Day again was the leader, with over 40% of accidents involving a drunk driver. 4th of July ranked 2nd with 38.5% of the accidents involving drunk driving. 

In comparison, on average around 30% of accidents during a normal 3 day period involve a drunk driver.