Ankle Monitor GPS helped bring Burglary Suspect to Justice

The Fresno Police Department was aided in a recent burglary.  The suspects were arrested in Modesto after the data from one of the suspect’s ankle bracelets put him at the crime scene during the burglary.  Johnny Sanchez, 21, was on probation in Stanislaus County when he allegedly helped break into PRK Firearms along with a number of other suspects.  The group stole fifty guns including 25 handguns and 25 rifles.  The burglary occurred on October 20 and the Fresno Police Department were halted in their investigation when it was discovered that the store’s security cameras were not working.  Footage from nearby businesses helped to invigorate the investigation but the true break came with a tip from the Modesto police.

Probation Officers in Stanislaus were able to track the whereabouts of Mr. Sanchez.  They were able to determine that he was at PRK Firearms at the time of the burglary. The data also showed Sanchez at a gas station that same day.  With the footage at the gas station detectives were able to positively identify Sanchez.  Several of the others believed to be involved in the theft were also arrested.  2 suspects remain at large and only a small number of the guns were recovered.