Alcohol-Related Crime

The Prevalence of Alcohol and Violence


A study out of the United Kingdom by CIVITAS discusses the relationship between alcohol and crime in the country. According to the National Probation Services, alcohol was a factor in one in three (30 percent) sexual offenses, one in three burglaries (33 percent), and one in two (50 percent) street crimes.


Additionally, a British Crime Survey indicated that nearly 1 million victims perceived that the assailant was under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol was found to be a significant factor in several crimes. According to the crime factsheet, the British Crime Survey quoting the Institute of Alcohol Studies found that:


  • Over one-third of offenders had a problem with alcohol use;
  • Over one-third reported a problem with binge drinking’
  • Alcohol misuse was prevalent; and
  • Alcohol use led to violent behavior for nearly one-third of the offenders.


Another study discussed in the factsheet showed the link between alcohol use and domestic violence with alcohol being consumed in 73 percent of the cases. Nearly half of those offenders were deemed “alcohol-dependent”.


In the United States, researchers have come to similar conclusions. Alcohol may be a contributing factor in a number of crimes. As reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention heavy alcohol consumption over a short period of time or binge drinking can increase several health risks.


Common health problems associated with binge drinking include:


  • Injury or death related to driving under the influence;
  • Increased chance of accidental injury;
  • Higher risk of chronic diseases;
  • Increased risk of unintended pregnancy;
  • Higher chance of sexually transmitted diseases; and
  • An increased risk for violence.


It is important to seek treatment as early as possible if you suspect that you have an unhealthy relationship or reliance on alcohol.