“Affluenza” Teen Mom to Wear GPS Monitor as Condition of Bail Release

Affluenza-Teen-MomA Tarrant County judge is requiring Tonya Couch, mother of “Affluenza” Teen Ethan Couch, to wear a GPS Monitoring Device after she posts a $75,000 bail bond to be released from custody. The judge is also requiring drug and alcohol monitoring and weekly check-ins for the 48-year-old mother accused of hindering apprehension of her fugitive son. The pair was found in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after Ethan Couch failed to report to his probation officer. The teen was given 10 years probation following a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed 4 people. Defense attorneys for Couch argued that he suffered from “affluenza” and was not able to determine right from wrong. Authorities allege that Ethan and his mother skipped town after pictures surfaced of the teen partying, a violation of his probation. Tonya Couch was extradited back to the United States where her bond was initially set at $1 Million. Ethan is currently being held in Mexico at an immigration detention center.

Pre-Trial and Post-Conviction GPS Monitoring

Diversified Monitoring Services offers GPS Monitoring through an ankle device that tracks a defendant’s whereabouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The device can be work discreetly under pants and is waterproof. No matter if you are a low risk offender or a high-risk such as Tonya Couch, GPS Monitoring can be used in your case. DMS offers 2-way client communication and a device with over 40 hours of battery life. The bracelet is temperature and shock resistance and provides for little to no “false alerts. To find out more about GPS Monitoring contact DMS today. We also offer alcohol monitoring through the SCRAM device and a state-of-the-art house arrest monitoring system. Call our offices today at (714) 245-9910.