After 4 DUIs Woodbridge Man required to wear life-saving SCRAM device

30-year-old Edward Lamont Tatum, of Woodbridge, was recently convicted of his 4th drunk driving offense.  Judge J. Howe Brown of the Stafford Circuit Court sentenced Tatum to 11 years, 9 suspended after this conviction that included charges for obstruction of justice and DUI while revoked for DUI.  According to authorities, the young man was going over 100 mph last September when he led police on a dangerous 120-mph chase weaving in and out of traffic.  Eventually the high-speed chase came to an end when he crashed into a tree.  After completing his prison sentence, Tatum will have to wear a SCRAM bracelet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until probation decides that it can be removed.  As a condition of his release, Tatum may not consume any alcohol.

The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelet ensures complete sobriety by a participant.    The bracelet is tamper-resistant and tests for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes.  Advanced technology allows the bracelet to detect whether a positive report is from consumed alcohol or an outside contaminant.  Many people who have worn the SCRAM bracelet have found it to be life-changing.  They are able to remain a productive member of society while being held accountable for their alcohol abuse.  SCRAM technologies target the underlying issues of addiction and abuse rather than simply punishing for the action.  In the case of Mr. Tatum, it is truly amazing that he did not injure or kill himself or someone else.  Hopefully, the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring requirements will make this fourth driving under the influence conviction his last.