Teen involved in Deadly DUI crash required to wear alcohol monitoring bracelet

19-year-old Karly Ann Parker was pleaded not guilty late last year to three charges of reckless endangerment and one count of vehicular manslaughter due to her involvement in a fatal car crash that resulted in the death of her passenger.  Parker entered the plea at her arraignment in the Pierce County Superior Court.  According to court records, the teen was driving 19-year-old Kaitlin Taylor and another passenger when she drifted into oncoming traffic.  Parker hit another vehicle driven by a pregnant woman.  The pregnant driver and her mother both suffered injuries as did the other passenger in Parker’s car.  Parker’s blood alcohol level was .12%.  Prosecutors for the case say that the case not only involves alcohol consumption but also marijuana and cocaine use.  Nearly empty tequila bottles were found nearby the wreck after witnesses believed they saw things being thrown out of the vehicle.

Parker was released on her own recognizance after a judge agreed that she must not consume any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.  On the recommendation of the prosecutor, the judge required that the teen undergo alcohol monitoring.  Prior to the court date, Parker had already enrolled in alcohol monitoring via a bracelet worn 24 hours a day, 7days a week.  The bracelet tests for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes and requires complete sobriety during the monitoring period.  In addition to the alcohol monitoring, Parker’s license was suspended.