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Options Program LogoI am pleased to announce that the OPTIONS OUTPATIENT PROGRAM is now available in your practice area.  I would like to take a minute to introduce our program and what we can offer to your clients.  The OPTIONS OUTPATIENT PROGRAM provides continuous alcohol and/or drug monitoring.  Alcohol monitoring is completed through the SCRAM bracelet, worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the monitoring period, requiring complete sobriety.  Drug use is monitored through the PharmChek sweat patch.  The patch screens for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine and PCP.  It is able to detect both parent drugs and drug metabolite.

The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device is available to monitor your clients pre-trial and post-conviction. The science behind the SCRAM CAM bracelet is peer-reviewed and court-validated with over 2 billion alcohol readings since its inception.  The technology behind the bracelet is state-of-the-art and now can be used by nearly everybody.

The OPTIONS OUTPATIENT PROGRAM requires complete abstinence from alcohol and/or drug use during the compliance period.  Our program is committed to helping clients practice relapse prevention skills while helping to improve emotional and mental health functions.  By utilizing the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device and the PharmChek drug patch, the OPTIONS OUTPATIENT PROGRAM is able to address underlying drug and alcohol addiction by ensuring complete sobriety during the monitoring period. These tools along with mandatory attendance of weekly/biweekly group counseling sessions help our patients to achieve the ultimate goal of maintaining sobriety, preventing future relapses and improving their overall emotional and mental health.

Program non-compliance including positive alcohol reading or drug tests will be reported directly to your attention and to the court the following business day. If there are any further questions please feel free to call our office (714) 245-9910.  Please visit us at www.dmsprogram.com or contact our offices for more information.  We are excited to work with you and your clients.  Our goal is to meet your needs.



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