The MOST Program

The MOST Program (Monitored Outpatient Sobriety Program) is an affordable accessible program designed for people arrested and charged with drug driving under the influence and drug charges.  MOST provides attorneys with sentencing consultations and court appearances to advocate for treatment instead of incarceration.

Many working professionals do not have the time to attend the requirements of treatment programs.  The MOST Program uses 24 hour transdermal testing for alcohol and drugs and reports to the court assured abstinence while receiving treatment in a state certified drug and alcohol program.  No need to live in a residential program so they can breathalyze you 2-3 time’s day.  No submitting to urine testing every 3 days.  The flexibility of our program allows for short work related travel.

For more information about MOST you can visit:

Many questions are answered on the website but if you require additional information please contact,  Dean Stepper @ 714.747.2189.

Call 800-705-2782

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