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Orange County SCRAM Provider

DMS (Diversified Monitoring Systems) is Orange County’s premier SCRAM provider.  With numerous options to help combat alcohol and drug addiction, DMS is a leader in Orange County and throughout California.  We proudly offer SCRAM or Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets, GPS Location Monitoring, Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring, Home Arrest Monitoring and the Drug Patch.

Our local offices are centrally located in Santa Ana, Laguna Hills and across from Harbor Court in the Newport Beach/Irvine area. DMS is a full-service alcohol monitoring provider.  As the original SCRAM provider we have a team of knowledgeable, trustworthy staff that will work with you, your family and any legal representative to get you through this difficult time.


SCRAM Orange County

The SCRAM device or Secure, Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring is a bracelet worn on the ankle. It tests alcohol that is excreted through the skin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The SCRAM device can be monitored through a landline phone connection or through an Ethernet cable.

Alcohol monitoring is done in a secure, private manner. The bracelet can be worn discretely under most pant legs and gives reliable, tamperproof results.


GPS Monitoring in Orange County

DMS offers location monitoring through the latest OM400 GPS bracelet. The device tracks and confirms the location of the individual through the required period. GPS Monitoring in Orange County is safe and effective. It can give a judge, probation officer or other authority the assurance that a person is adhering to a specified location at all times.

The device can transmit daily reports if needed and transmits almost no “False Alerts.” GPS monitoring devices in Orange County and throughout California can help to improve public safety and provide peace of mind for all parties. Currently we only provide GPS monitoring for Pre-Trial people that enroll voluntarily. We do not provide GPS monitoring to people who have been sentenced.


Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath is now offered in Orange County and throughout California. The handheld breath alcohol monitoring device is state-of-the-art with facial recognition and GPS location monitoring.

The device is equipped to do random or scheduled testing and offers a great alternative for low-risk offenders that travel frequently. The device is easy to use and provides immediate notification of breath alcohol reading.


MOST Program

The MOST (Monitored Outpatient Sobriety Treatment) Program is an industry-leading substance abuse program. It combines alcohol and drug monitoring with relapse prevention and sobriety mentoring. The MOST Program helps to ensure abstinence and is a State Certified and Approved Outpatient Treatment Program.


Home Arrest – Home Confine

Diversified Monitoring Systems offers pre-sentenced home confinement monitoring through the latest technology. This house arrest bracelet is discrete but effective. It works with standard phone lines as well as Internet routers or an optional SCRAM-provided wireless system.

DMS uses the Standalone RF System with anti-tamper and cut-strap detection. The device is waterproof and the smallest RF system on the market.

testing sweatpatch

Drug Patch in Orange County

DMS now offers 24 hour a day, 7 days a week drug monitoring through the Drug Patch. The Drug Patch tests the sweat excreted from a person’s skin to detect drugs in their system. It eliminates the frustration of urine and hair follicle samples. It is easy to use and highly effective.

The Drug Patch has been used in the Orange County DUI Court and other courts throughout California. The patch can be worn for 10 day or longer allowing for an increased window of detection. It not only detects “parent” drugs but also drug metabolites making it easier to determine the type of drug in the system.